The construction division is in charge of developing the building and civil work projects of Ecisa Corporación. In the last years, this unit experienced a great growing, above all, based on our national expansion, as we are present in 10 autonomous communities, and international expansion, due to our works in Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Abu Dhabi, Portugal, Ireland or Chile.

Developments, schools, hospitals, hotels and housing developments are some of the works carried out in the building sector. In parallel, civil works have became one of the key elements of the corporation and the portfolio of this kind of works grew significantly for the last years with railway, hydraulic, road or urban facilities projects. 

One of the keys for Ecisa success, both nationally and internationally, is its experience in building high towers. In particular, in the city of Benidorm, the company built over 30 buildings with more than 20 floors along its history. In this way, the company got specialized in high-quality constructions and was allocated to develop projects for the most international renowned corporations.


Ecisa policy

The ECISA Management is convinced that to become a reference in our sector it is necessary a correct management, understanding this as the coexistence of:

  • The fulfilment of the needs of our market;
  • The economic progress of the company;
  • The development of its personnel and the environment;
  • Ensuring health and safety at work;
  • Respect the environment in a sustainable development frame.

To achieve the objectives of this management, ECISA assumes the following commitments:

1) Comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and UNE 166002, environmental and health and safety legislation, as well as the rest of the applicable legislation to our sector and others assumed by the Company.

2) Assume commitment to protect the environment and prevent pollution, as well as to prevent damage and deterioration of health.

3) Continually improve the effectiveness of the Management System, based on the obtained results of our revisions of the system.




4) Identify and communicate specific objectives at all levels of the organization, periodically reviewing them, in order to improve the productivity, motivate the creativity, the initiative and the sense of responsibility of the organization's staff.

5) Endow the company with an organized structure, with the necessary and adequate resources to carry out its commitment to health and safety, quality, innovation and environment.

6) Guarantee the participation and information of the employees, as well as their right to be consulted, in order to achieve the continuous improvement of the Management System.

ECISA is committed and invites to the commitment of every person belonging to the company, as well as its clients, suppliers and subcontractors, to collaborate honestly in the achievement of our mission.