Through the window onto the word which is this website you can see a great deal of our daily work; build…

As a company, founded in 1968 and nowadays with the second generation running it, we have constructed buildings as well as carried out different types of constructions always with innovation, illusion and, above all, hard work. However, the secret of our success is in our essence and the know-how which we transfer to 10 countries over the world: people.

People who belong to our company and who build, from our beginning until today, are the best guarantee for quality and professionalism. And also the people who get the results of such work: clients, suppliers and users of the things we build and create every day.

Nowadays, ECISA covers a wide geographical scope, Qatar, Spain, Chile, Ireland, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Mozambique and Taiwan but, just because we are a large company, we do not forget the people who belong to this corporation, to whom we are committed to take up part of what we get from them. As before, as now, as always.

Manuel Peláez Robles
ECISA President
International Group